Poul Havgaard jewelry are sculptural solid pieces of jewelry made either in bronze or sterling silver.

Sterling silver

Silver is a precious metal and sterling silver is high quality silver identified by being stamped 925


The bronce is an alloy which normally consists of 90% copper and 10% tin. Everything is 100% nickel-free


Over time, both metals will naturally oxidize and darken. If you wish to have a glossy surface, it can always be polished with products specifically for these metals or just with a soft cloth.

Most of our jewelry has oxidized areas. This finish is deliberate and gives areas of the design a black surface, which makes the shapes stand out more clearly. The oxidation can disappear if the jewelry is washed and polished too much. so when polishing the jewelry, the oxidized areas should be avoided. Silver jewelry that is worn regularly typically needs less care.

It is recommended not to expose the rings to lotions and other cosmetic products.Avoid contact with chlorine, hairspray and perfume. For bronze jewelry, also avoid contact with antiseptic lotion and remove rings before using hand sanitizer.

Bronce rings may initially cause a slight coloration of the skin. It is not dangerous, and it disappears with water and soap. 

The leather used for belts, colliers and bracelets is high-quality leather from Italy and Spain.
The leather – especially the closures for colliers and bracelets, is a bit rigid in the beginning. But very quickly the leather becomes more flexible and softer when used.



At the page of each jewelry you can find a size guide of how to measure your size.


The rings are available in sizes from 48 to 70.
The size is European standard and refers to the circumference of the ring in millimeters.

A jeweler shop can help finding your ring size by measuring one of your rings.
That is the most accurate way to measure.

Another option is to print the size chart here. Please make sure to print in actual size 1:1 to get the most accurate result. PRINT SIZE CHART



When ordering a bracelet, please choose the size of your wrist from the list, and we will adjust the bracelet to fit well.

With a tape measure, you can measure the circumference of your wrist.
Measure tightly without tightening.



Colliers are made in two sizes, MEDIUM and LARGE

MEDIUM has an approximate circumference between 39-41 cm. with two options for length. LARGE has an approximate circumference between 43-45 cm. with two options for length.


Belt buckles

The size of the belt is the length in cm. from split to belt hole.

Find your size by measuring the circumference of your waist with a tape measure, where you would like to wear the belt.
If you like to wear the belt hanging loosely, add 8-10 cm to the size length.